Why is this Message Being Sent Out?

First of all, this message is not only for Jehovah's Witnesses. It is for Ex-JW's, as well as those involved in Spin-Off Religious Organizations of the Jehovah's Witnesses. In addition it is intended for all those who have loved one's, friends and/or family who are currently with or have been with, or are in some way involved with JW's and Spin-Off Religious Organizations of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

In this dying world full of religious organizations, there is but ONE religious organization that is a close kin to Yahweh’s truth. They are the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Archangel Michael has said that they are not considered unworthy. In fact, they are so faithful to Yahweh and Christ (even though they use the name Jehovah, which is the other pronunciation of Father’s name) that the first Rapture will be an eye opener for them. We pray that it is and that those who belong to the Jehovah’s Witnesses conform in accurate knowledge to being a part of the second and final Rapture of Father’s faithful from this planet.

However, what we would like to see is the Jehovah’s Witnesses accepting TRUTH even before the first Rapture occurs…and there’s not much time left. This is the reason for this Message. To inform, via reasoning with the scriptures, the truths of some of the misinterpretations of the Scriptures that they have been taught.

The authorized Shepherd of the Jehovah’s Witnesses was chosen to help get Truth out to mankind at one time; but Christ warned that the Shepherd had better be doing what was supposed to be done when he arrived for the inspection in these last days. Because they have misinterpreted much of the Word’s true meaning, they have been in the dark on much of what Yahweh meant. The Shepherd over the Jehovah’s Witnesses became corrupt, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses did not become corrupt intentionally.

If a Jehovah’s Witness does not conform to what the Watchtower says the Scriptures mean, they are disfellowshipped as renegades of that truth. They are currently in BONDAGE to a corrupt Shepherd in the SAME way that the Israelites were in slavery in Egypt. Yahweh’s intent is to free them by signs and by reasoning out what they have been misled on in the Word. They are under a hard and oppressive yoke of their governing Shepherd and this is not Yahweh’s Way. Yahweh wishes for the yoke to be broken away and for the Jehovah’s Witnesses to be freed from this bondage.

The messages contained within this website are specifically directed to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but also to Ex-JWs and members of spin off JW Religious organizations. We will be touching only on their beliefs which are not accurate and reasoning via the scriptures as to why this is so. This message is delivered out of love and compassion and it is our heartfelt prayer for all who read it, Jehovah’s Witness or not, that their eyes and hearts and minds are open to receiving the valuable counsel which is being imparted here today. The following are taken directly from the Jehovah’s Witnesses website under the section that outlines their beliefs.

The New World Translation Bible

The New World Translation Bible was originally translated from the old scrolls, but the Watchtower Society began to alter each new printing, changing words to conform to their beliefs. It is no longer a valid copy in Yahweh’s eyes, of the original meanings conveyed in the Word. All Scriptures referenced on this website are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

Misinterpretation #1 - Only a little flock of 144,000  go to heaven to rule with Christ & they are born again as spiritual sons of God.

In order to understand this portion, I must explain how the Spirit Realm works. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that no ghosts exist and that all spirits are demons. Let’s take a look at this using the Scriptures in order to decipher the Truth. If what the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe is true, where is the proof that all spirits are demons and no ghosts exist?

“or the living know that they will die, but the dead don’t know anything. There is no longer a reward for them because the memory of them is forgotten. Ecclesiastes 9:5

“Whatever your hands find to do, do with [all] your strength, because there is no work, planning, knowledge, or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.”. Ecclesiastes 9:10

This applied before the Ransom Sacrifice. If you’re born in Christ, you will be raised up at death. It is merely a transition. In fact, there are many spirits that fell in under the Ransom Sacrifice that died before Christ’s time. It was a covenant that covers all of Mankind. Where religions like the Jehovah’s Witnesses get off tract, is that they think Man was still intended to live in perfection on the Earth as humans. But Satan altered that Divine Plan when he lied to the first human pair. The Ransom Sacrifice put things back on track; except that the Heavenly life was introduced into the picture. Satan and his dark forces are the ones that Ecclesiastes 9:5 and 9:10 would apply to now. They’re the ones with their necks on the chopping block - not Mankind. We have a Savior that covers all of Mankind. The fallen angels are the ones that are still on the outs with the Creator. Christ did not sacrifice his life for the angels that rebelled.

At the Book of Luke 4:33-34: “In the synagogue there was a man with a spirit, an unclean demon, and he shouted with a loud voice: ‘Ah! What have we to do with you, Jesus you Nazarene? Did you come to destroy us? I know exactly who you are, the Holy One of God.”

Although Satan and his forces consider the Creator and Christ their enemy, they do not consider themselves equal in power. They know all life stems from the Creator. Satan wanted to be a god, but one of lesser power, because he knows the Creator is all powerful. Well, he got his wish, but not exactly what he wanted. He ended up in a war that he cannot win. He enticed and pulled other angels into this mess with him. It’s a terrible thing to know that your Creator wants to kill you someday in the future. But that’s what these fallen children of Almighty God are faced with every day of their lives, in a spiritual prison as far as they’re concerned. Their outlook is not just bleak, it is totally without hope. Revelations 20:7-10 sums it up.

When the 1,000 years are completed, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle. Their number is like the sand of the sea. They came up over the surface of the earth and surrounded the encampment of the saints, the beloved city. Then fire came down from heaven and consumed them. The Devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet are, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”

It is a hopeless War for Satan and those angels if the Creator does not repeal the judgment. Imprisonment in the Orange Plane for eternity would be better than all out destruction. At least they would be alive. That’s just my view on it.

Now, in addition to Angels and Demons existing in the Spirit Realm there are also Converts and Holy Ghosts (not to be confused with Yahweh’s Holy Spirit/Active Force). A “Convert” is a ghost that passed over with “white collar” sins. They are not tagged for apprehension, but they are denied access to entering the Light. They must attend the edge of Light House of Worship and make atonement for a time. Since they do not fall under being vile sinners at the time of transition, they commit their sins as a ghost. Not all “white collar” ghosts become converts. The ones that do are so named because they converted over to Satan’s way of thinking. They also tempt other ghosts that have not yetpassed through the Light in an effort to convert them to their way of thinking.

Eventually, they will all be declared negative energy. But in the interim, they are permitted to try and persuade other ghosts to come over to Satan’s side. They are one of the key elements that keep many ghosts from entering the upper planes that have passed over to the other side. They lie and say that it is to be feared; that you cannot come back if you pass through the light; that the Creator is evil, and Satan is really good. The Converts are just as bad as Satan and his demons, because they seek confederates by lying about the Truth, and the Converts will not let go of the negative energy that is a mix in their makeup.

People don’t know that the term “Crossed” over, refers to Christ on the Cross. “Crossed Over” in itself is referring to those that make transition over the Cross. You have to go through the Light, which is symbolic of going over the cross of Christ for Salvation and sanctification of his Sacrifice for Mankind. Transition is not really considered “Crossed Over.” That is not termed over there unless you pass through the Light. Holy Ghosts have crossed over. Converts are merely in the Transition stage.

The term “crossed over” should not be used instead of “transition” for those mortals that “pass over” (which is what the Holy Ghosts refer to as mortals that make transition to the other side. That term is used in connection with the Biblical “Passover” meaning: Passover to the presence of Heaven, but not yet Sanctified (the passing through the Light accomplishes that. It is Baptism by symbolic fire). So, that means that all people that have not yet gone through the Light are in a stage of Transition.

A Convert is different from a ghost that has not heard the Truth. To become a Convert, you are in trouble and cannot enter the Light until you atone. It is an infraction that did not warrant being spiritually tagged. So, that ghost goes to the Edge of Light and begins being counseled on the Truth. They reject it. Not wanting to be under Sovereign Law. That keeps them from entry to the Light, until they change their thinking - if they ever do. At this stage, they are semi-positive/negative energy. A mix. They are free to leave back through the Azmon Barrier (a barrier around the earth made up of Azmon Order Angels), or stay on the upper planes; but they are limited where they can go. They also must abide by the Rules of the War, regardless which side they’ve chosen to be on. By knowing the Truth, but declining to come under Sovereign Law in passing through the Light, they are then declared converts. But many ghosts are not converts, even though they have not passed through the Light. It’s because they have never been counseled yet. They do not go on the upper planes. They see the Azmon Barrier, and the Converts tell many of them that that is the blockade you are faced with once you go through the Light. The Holy Ghosts tell them otherwise; but many ghosts refuse to believe them. They stay down here. Eventually, all of those ghosts will be forced to make a decision, or they will be declared negative energy, just like the Converts will be.

When you think of a Convert, what do you think of? Someone nice? They weren’t nice enough to get through the Light without counseling. They were borderlines that have done something during their lives that was in need of being understood as bad, and understood that it was a sin that the Creator saw as grave, but not grave enough to land them in a dark realm. Once these ghosts realize that they must bend to the Creator and his Son Christ, they sometimes do not want to give up the idea of what they think is okay for them to do. If Satan wins they can do as they please under his limited rule. That sounds appealing to many ghosts that are opposed to Sovereign Holy Rule. They never lived it on Earth, so why should they now? Especially if there’s a possibility Satan can win this war. Those pull away. At that point, they are told that they must learn the Rules of the war, abide by them, or be declared Negative Energy and be placed into a dark realm. They learn the Rules. Then they seek to help Satan win; but, they cannot associate with the demons, because they are primarily enticing other ghosts not to enter the Light, or to leave the detention plane.

As to all the reasons they have chosen to remain outside Yahweh’s Ladder of Holy Ghosts, they are varied. It goes back to free will and dragging baggage of your past life with you when you pass over. That’s why if you put on the new personality of Christ now, you are not burdened with that hill to climb if you go there by transition at death instead of the Rapture.

Another reason some ghosts become Converts, is because the Spirit Realm appears to be a big playground. They quickly learn under counseling that when they enter the Light, they will become perfect. Then they must become a member of one of the 144,000 Holy Ghost Orders and help in the War against Satan and his demons. They are also warned that if they sin, they are cast out as negative energy, just like Satan and his demons were. The fall from perfection is one you cannot come back from. There’s no place to go but down. Yahweh will not accept you back if you fall from that status. That’s why he will not offer forgiveness to Satan or his demons. But to date (2005), no Holy Ghost has ever been ousted. They have all remained faithful.

Contrary to the Jehovah’s Witnesses belief, the 144,000 does not refer to a little flock of 144,000 go to heaven to rule with Christ. It refers to the 144,000 orders of Holy Ghosts who exist within the Spirit Realm.

Revelation 7:4 And I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel:

Revelation 14:1 [The Lamb and the 14,000] Then I looked, and there on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with Him were 144,000 who had His name and His Father’s name written on their foreheads.

Revelation 14:3 They sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders, but no one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.

The 144,000 Holy Ghost orders are already sealed because they have passed over and crossed over into Yahweh’s light and they are in service to Father and Christ. They are on MountZion, in the Spirit Realm – which is where MountZion exists. They have already been redeemed.

To compound the fact that this is a false teaching, I must point out that in knowing that Yahweh is a fair and righteous God, why would only 144,000 from all of creation be permitted to rule with Christ? Of all the millions that currently inhabit the earth, not to mention those who have already made the transition from death to spiritual life, how would that possibly be fair? Christ himself said that Salvation was open to everyone, Jew and Gentile alike. Those who walk in His Ways and believe, who accept Him as their Savior and Redeemer have an equal chance at obtaining the Kingdom Promise of one day living in Christ's Kingdom and the opportunity of obtaining Eternal Life.

Misinterpretation #2 - The human soul ceases to exist at death & Hell is mankind's common grave.

Because the Jehovah’s Witnesses, like so many others, have no understanding of how the Spirit Realm works and who and what exists within it, they have been misled to believe mistranslations within the Scriptures. The truth is that ALL life has a soul. Everything living that emanates from the Creator has a soul. All things return to the Creator in the form of energy. He has the power over all energies in creation. He can reanimate whomever or whatever he wishes.

“But after the three and a half days, the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet. So great fear fell on those who saw them.” Revelation 11:11

All things created on this planet by the Word for the Creator have souls. This is pointed out in Genesis 1:21-24: “So God created the large sea-creatures and every living creature that moves and swarms in the water, according to their kinds. [He also created] every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. So God blessed them, “Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the waters of the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.” Evening came, and then morning: the fifth day. Then God said, “Let the earth produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that crawl, and the wildlife of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so.”

Luke 21:19 informs that by endurance on our part we will acquire our souls. Ecclesiastes 12:7 reveals that the soul leaves the body and returns to the Creator who is in the Heavens. Psalms 16:10 reveals that our trust in Christ not to leave our soul in eternal death. We should not become fearful of those that can kill the body but cannot kill our soul.

In Matthew 10:28 says, “Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”and Luke 21:19 says that by endurance on our part we will acquire our lives.

We humans think in terms of what we see, hear and smell on your physical plane of existence. Yet our plane is merely a framework to contain our physical containers. All living things on the physical plane are in containers. When the container is used up, the spirit energy within that container returns to where it originally came from.

Where do you think everything in existence came from? Where did you and all things in creation originate from? Where do you think all things are returning to? They return to where they originally came from. The physical Earth itself is a container. All things belong to Yahweh, our Creator. All life originates from Him. All life has souls that belong to Him. All of creation belongs to Him. Acts 4:24 states that He made the heavens and the earth and the sea and all things in them. He is the King for eternity.

“But the Lord is the true God; He is the living God and eternal King. The earth quakes at his wrath, and the nations cannot endure His rage.” Jeremiah 10:10

Matthew 10:29-30 reveals that some souls are of more value to Yahweh than others. “Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent. But even the hairs of your head have all been counted.”

But He knows even when a sparrow’s soul has left its physical body and returned. Yet, He places a higher value on human souls. Everything has its place in creation. He created all things for a purpose. An animal, nor an insect can worship Him. They are of lesser value in His eyes, but they are nonetheless part of creation. And from Jesus’ own words at the prescribed Scripture, he notes that Yahweh knows even when those of a lesser value have departed the physical plane for the return home. It is because He owns all of creation. You, me, all of us, we are here because of His Will. It is a kindness on His part that any of us exist. When you kill, you are killing something that belongs to Him. But you are permitted to kill under certain circumstances. You can kill in self-defense. You can kill because the lower creation, that of insects are acting as pests. You can kill an animal or a human if they are trying to physically harm you or someone else. He gives you the right to protect your life and that of others. It is the wanting of killing for no reason that He will call you into account. Judge your own actions in all that you do, for He certainly will call an accounting if you are in error of judgment.

Does Yahweh take note of the lower creations? The animal kingdom is used to illustrate things. Does this not in itself point to the fact that He recognizes all of His creations?

“The form of [each of] their faces was that of a man, and each of their four had the face of a lion on the right, the face of an ox on the left, and the face of an eagle. [That is what] their faces [were like]. Their wings were spread upward; each had two [wings] touching that of another and two wings covering its body” Ezekiel 1:10-11

“Also before the throne was something like a sea of glass, similar to crystal. In the middle and around the throne were four living creatures covered with eyes in front and in back. The first living creature was like a lion; the second living creature was like a calf; the third living creature had a face like a man; and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle.” Revelation 4:6-7

Animals have been used to represent wild beast-like ruling powers that oppress people. This illustration typified by animals is because the animal kingdom does not worship Him due to lesser intelligence. Yahweh is pointing out through the illustration that the ruling powers lack the same intelligence. But they lack it due to the Negative Energy they have cultivated from His arch enemy, Satan the Devil.

Even an insect as small as an ant is in His arrangement of things. The ants are called “a people” from the Hebrew ‘am meaning in Proverbs, just as Joel referred to the locusts as “a nation.” In Joel 1:6 He says it has the teeth of a lion, the fangs of a lioness. Here Yahweh illustrates with other animals to make His point what kind of damage this nation of locust can do under His direction. In Proverbs 6:8 He directs us to the ant. He explains how the ant exists. He gives divine knowledge into one of His smaller creations. They live in colonies and are industrious with the instinctive wisdom He has endowed them with. But what you should note is that Yahweh takes note of even that tiny creation of His. It is because it too belongs to Him and has its place in creation. Only when they become a pest is it alright to exterminate those that cause problems. Otherwise, you are killing something that does not belong to you. Proverbs 30:24-31 speaks of the lower creations of life. All have a place in creation. He considers them all extremely wise. He endowed them with that wisdom.”

So, just to reiterate, the soul is an extension of Yahweh’s (source of) energy (the Active Force) and it’s only our intelligence that sets us apart from the animal and plant kingdom. When the container the soul is stored in dies, the soul returns to its original place. And the example of the ants - that is not to say they have intelligence like us. We were created in Yahweh’s image. That means we possess His attributes. The Ants and other insects, as well as the animal kingdom possess instinctive wisdom provided by the Creator. The wisdom of the Ant for example, is not intelligent reasoning like we humans and ghosts, and angels possess. It simply results from endowed instincts the insects were given for survival and adaptation of the different environments they live in. Ants work off scent for paths they cut to the mounds. Their existence is just an instinctive wisdom. They help in the cycle of life on this planet, just as all things do. Maggots help to rid the earth of dead things, as do vultures. All are part of the cycle of life and death on the physical plane and getting rid of the used up containers. But, we are superior in intelligence, which is what Yahweh intended that we be.

The common grave is that of those that pass over in “common” of having no real knowledge of the Truth. When they do pass over, they are then counseled on the truth and given the option of either accepting it or rejecting it. Hell is the passing over or through from a physical death to a spiritual life. Whereas Christ spent time in hell, that was literal for him, because he had to die a complete death. But, he received the keys of death and resurrection for all of mankind’s offspring. The only one’s excluded were those in judgments, which is born out in piecing the jigsaw puzzle of the Word together. To remain in hell, one must be out of Yahweh’s memory for eternity. This is referred to as going out the exit.

Misinterpretation #3 - Hope for the dead is resurrection.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses do not comprehend the use of the word “Resurrection”. Its true meaning is that man was dead in his trespasses until the sacrificial death of Christ, and His resurrection. Christ died in exchange for all of Mankind. When you die and pass over you are given the opportunity, via free will, to either accept or refuse the truth that is counseled to you. While the human vessel is dead, the spirit remains alive and this is because of Christ’s Sacrifice and his Resurrection. However, in order to remain alive for Eternity, one must make it to the Kingdom Rule of the Millennium. This means accepting the truth that is counseled to you, agreeing to abide by Yahweh’s Laws and becoming a member of Father’s family. For those who refuse to join Father’s family once they have passed over, they are not worthy. In the meantime they are like the demons who are awaiting their own judgment.

2 Peter 2:4 “For if God didn’t spare the angels who sinned, but threw them down into Tartarus and delivered them to be kept in chains of darkness until judgment;”

Jude 1:6 “and He has kept, with eternal chains in darkness for the judgment of the great day, angels who did not keep their own position but deserted their proper dwelling.”

If you are given no light from Yahweh, and you only think about tour crimes against Her, then you are alienated like the demons are; in dark realms. The demons are symbolically placed in chains of darkness – no light of understanding from Yahweh. Those who have passed over and are in literal dark realms are the other side of the coin of actually being imprisoned. They are unable to move beyond them as though they are chained and cut off from all light. They are like the demons because they are awaiting the Judgment and only a Judgment carries the eternal death penalty. Not only did Christ get the keys to death, but also a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.     

Misinterpretation #4 - Spiritism must be shunned.

To sew their beliefs together, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught that some Scriptures are literally what they say and that others have other meanings than what is stated. The Truth is, is that the Word must blend together in unison. And, because the Watchtower Society must make things fit to keep their flock, they twist things around to sound as though they are receiving insight from Yahweh; but, they will not permit the Jehovah’s Witnesses to use their own God-given psychic abilities because they want to keep them blinded to the Truth. The Truth is evident in all of creation, for in all of creation is a record of all events that go on. Yet, they are not permitted to entertain the thought of using their God-given ability. This is sad, because in knowing that Yahweh is a fair and righteous God, you also know that He would not give an ability that wasn’t to be used. That wouldn’t be fair. It’s actually in HOW you use it that matters most. Christ set the model for us to follow. He meditated, fasted and had visions. The truth in regards to Spiritism is that it should not ALL be shunned. I’ll now explain why.

Some people of the Christian fundamentalist doctrine, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses, have been taught that ALL psychics and the supernatural are taboo to the Christian religion. There’s a good reason for the way some people comprehend this as valid in their belief, but is erroneous on their part. The Scriptures do not say that the supernatural is wrong – the people misinterpreting the scriptures do. Logically, when so much of the Bible is in fact supernatural, how could this be true? What the Scriptures are warning us about are psychics who work for Satan’s “team”. There are both good and bad on each side. If someone professes to be psychic, but doesn’t mention scriptures or the Creator - then they’re to be avoided because the information they are relaying is probably false. I’ll try to break it down for all of you so you can judge for yourselves.

The Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 18, verses 10-12 are what many people base their views of psychics on. It says in part (I’ll quote what pertains to the subject),”There should not be found in you anyone …who employs divination, one who practices magic or anyone who looks for omens or a sorcerer, or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead. For everybody doing these things is something detestable to God.” Deuteronomy 18:10-12

Do those Scriptures apply to all modern day psychics; and, did they apply to all psychics in olden Bible days? Before we make a judgment call, let’s look at another Holy Scripture found at Isaiah 8:19. After all, the Scriptures are accurate in what they say, so, we should use them as a guide, but, we need to understand them in the context they were given. The Scripture says, “When they say to you, “Consult the spirits of the dead and the spiritists who chirp and mutter,” shouldn’t a people consult their God? [Should they consult] the dead on behalf of the living?” Isaiah 8:19

You noted in the above Scripture that it spelled out the type of mediums to stay away from. They did what? “When they say to you, “Consult the spirits of the dead and the spiritists who chirp and mutter…” When you think of muttering, what comes to mind? Perhaps what comes to mind are things that shouldn’t be said or that are untrue? That was pointed out in the Scripture to differentiate from Satan’s mediums, and those that are not of satanic origin; the reason for that is because Satan gives his followers similar psychic abilities, so it was necessary to draw a line between the two different psychic groups that existed in those days. Those who “mutter” and who practice magic, sorcery and witchcraft are to be avoided because they are of satanic origin. That does NOT go for ALL psychics as God also has his own psychics. Remember what I said about both sides having humans working with them in the Spiritual War?

Even today, Satan’s demons imitate deceased people through the use of talking boards like the Ouija Board or similar devices. That’s why you always have to be on guard against the evil side of the psychic coin. To say that absolutely all psychics are evil, is to say that the apostles and Christ were evil; for they too were psychic. Christ being the most psychic of the group. Now how silly is that? We know they weren’t evil. And all psychics are not evil either. Then you have John that wrote the Book of Revelation. How do people think he got those Revelations? It was given to him through his psychic mind, as was done with all Bible writers that were inspired by the Creator to write what he imparted to them by spiritual means. How else do you think it was that God spoke to them?

This clearly shows that there were two different kinds of psychics in existence. There is the good and there is the evil. Just like the Spiritual War of good verses evil. There are two sides in everything; always two sides to a coin. The Creator’s Word informs us, ”Test everything. Hold on to the good...” 1 Thessalonians 5:21

So how can we make sure that there are good psychics as well as the bad ones pointed out in the Scriptures? And does the Bible tell of good psychics? Yes it does, and I’ll elaborate on that in a moment. First, let’s look again at the Bible writers. How did they get the messages they received in order to write what the Creator wanted us to know? Did it not come through their minds? If you don’t think so, please consider all Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work. As with all things the Creator has inspired, I’m in full agreement with that Scripture also. By using His Word, we can come to an understanding of the two different groups of psychics that have always existed. The Bible says, “Also, this is why we constantly thank God, because when you received the message about God that you heard from us, you welcomed it not as a human message, but as it truly is, the message of God, which also works effectively in you believers.” 1 Thessalonians 2:13

With further use of His inspired Word, I will try and help all of you to have a better understanding of this psychic issue before you make your judgment calls. If you believe in the Holy Bible, then you believe it was inspired by the Creator, and was not of human creativity of the mind’s imagination; it was indeed the inspired origination from Almighty God’s mind. So how did the men of the olden Bible days come to write the Creator’s thoughts? They were moved by the Creator’s spirit to write the Books of Scriptures we now reverend today. How did He move them with His spirit to do so? He did it through their minds. What does a psychic use to see or hear what’s on the other side? They do it through their minds. It’s no different today than it was back then. So, ask yourself: What is the gift behind the psychic’s power to see and hear what’s on the other side? It’s Holy Spirit. If you are a good psychic, it comes from the Creator’s side, not Satan’s.

“First of all, you should know this: no prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own interpretation, because no prophecy ever came by the will of man; instead, moved by the Holy Spirit, men spoke from God” 2 Peter 1:20-21

So, was Jesus a psychic or not? John stated, “Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The words I speak to you I do not speak on My own. The Father who lives in Me does His works.” John 14:10

Now that you’ve read that, who’s “work” was that that Jesus referred to? And, who was in “union” with the greatest psychic of all time? It was his Father, the Creator. So now, think back. What did 2 Peter 1:20-21 say? Who was “carried along by Holy Spirit”? It was not only Jesus, but those associated with him that received the Holy Spirit. So what were all of those people? They were psychics. If they had not been, they could not have been “carried along” in their minds by “Holy Spirit.” It’s that simple.

It’s been revealed that we are indeed surrounded by Holy Ghosts. Where did you think psychic ability comes from? Well it’s certainly not Satan. The book of 2 Peter explained in those Scriptures I cited where the power manifests itself from. It is from “Holy Spirit”. Again, we are surrounded by Holy Ghosts who are in fact Holy Spirits. That is where the power of all good psychics is imparted through from the Creator.

Still not convinced that there are good and bad psychics? Well, let’s look at some more Scriptures. Ephesians states in part, “For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.” Ephesians 6:12

Why do we have this fight against these spiritual forces of evil? Because they not only use thought injection and physical harassment, but they have their own class of psychics. They are the bad ones. Timothy states, “The Spirit explicitly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith paying attention to deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons.” Timothy 4:1

So, did you think that Jesus and his followers were not really psychic, when you read in that Scripture that Satan’s demons inspire false “misleading inspired utterances,” from people that have infiltrated the Christian religious community? Think about it. How could they mislead unless they were in a preaching position? Yet, they receive what through their minds? “Inspired utterances” that are “misleading”. By having that ability or gift from Satan, they are tuned into the Dark Empire as his own breed of psychics. They are the bad ones. They have existed since the olden Bible days; this is pointed out in Exodus where it states in part, “The magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils, for the boils were on the magicians as well as on all the Egyptians.” Exodus 9:11

Those magic-practicing priests were part of the olden Bible days psychics that Satan utilized by imparting power to them from the dark side of his angelic abilities. It did not come from Holy Spirit. In Isaiah it states in part, Egypt’s spirit will be disturbed within it, and I will frustrate its plans. Then they will seek idols, ghosts, spirits of the dead, and spiritists.” Isaiah 19:3

Here, you plainly see that Satan’s psychics are made up of “mediums and spiritists” but, do you still think all psychics fall under Satan’s power? If you do, then where did Moses get his power that was more powerful than the magic-practicing priests of Satan’s? Moses himself was psychic. All people associated with writing the Bible and doing the Creator’s work were psychic. Jesus earth mother was psychic. Mary’s earth husband was psychic. He was contacted by one of the Creator’s angel’s concerning Mary’s immaculate pregnancy. There are both good and bad psychics. If you believe in the Creator’s inspired Scriptures, but you still think all psychics are from Satan’s side, then please consider this: “After this I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions. I will even pour out My Spirit on the male and female slaves in those days.” Joel 2:28-29

Here are some Scriptural references to different visions, trances and dreams that are mentioned in the Bible:


Acts 10:3 “At about three in the afternoon he distinctly saw in a vision an angel of God who came in and said to him, “Cornelius!”

Genesis 46:2 “That night God spoke to Israel in a vision: “Jacob, Jacob!” He said. And Jacob replied, “Here I am.”

Joel 2:28 “After this I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions.”

Acts 2:1-4, 11, 15-17 “When the day of Pentecost had arrived, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like that of a violent rushing wind came from heaven, and it filled the whole house where they were staying. And tongues, like flames of fire that were divided, appeared to them and rested on each one of them. Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages, as the Spirit gave them ability for speech. Cretans and Arabswe hear them speaking in our own languages the magnificent acts of God. For these people are not drunk, as you suppose, since it’s only nine in the morning. On the contrary, this is what was spoken through the prophet Joel: And it will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.”

Israel’s false prophets were condemned because the visions did not come from Yahweh at Leviticus 19:31 “Do not turn to mediums or consult spiritists, or you will be defiled by them; I am the LORD your God.” To be “defiled by them” is to be misled by those that serve the Dragon, (Dawn, Lucifer, The Serpent, Satan the Devil). This does not include those psychics that serve Yahweh. There is a difference as the above Scriptures have pointed out. It is a balance of who is receiving and revealing inspired psychic visions and dreams. If the psychic experience is not from the Holy side, then there is only one other side left that it could be coming from. So, you should follow the advice given at: 1 Timothy 4:1-2 “Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons, through the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared.”


Acts 22:17-18 “After I came back to Jerusalem and was praying in the temple complex, I went into a visionary state and saw Him telling me, ‘Hurry and get out of Jerusalem quickly, because they will not accept your testimony about Me!’


Are dreams also considered taboo? Many psychics have them. Consider the following Scripture: Matthew 2:13 “After they were gone, an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, “Get up! Take the child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I tell you. For Herod is about to search for the child to destroy Him.”

So you see, it all depends on which side of the coin the psychic experience is coming from. If it was wrong to have a psychic dream, Joseph would not have had that dream.

So how do you know if the information is coming from Yahweh or Satan’s side? 1 John 4:2-3 tells us how. “This is how you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit who confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God. But every spirit who does not confess Jesus is not from God...”

If they do not confess the truth, then you know they are working on Satan’s side of the war because they are in a spiritual war to lead people away from the Truth, not to it. If what the spirit reveals to a psychic, or through a psychic to other listeners, if it does not jive with what is written in the Holy Scriptures, then you know the psychic is working with the wrong side; unless of course, you’re for Satan’s side. Since the Scriptures cited deals with incoming communications from spirits, that alone should tell you that communication with the proper side is permissible. In order to communicate with a spirit, you have to be psychic. If it was wrong to use your inherent abilities to perceive the Spirit Realm communications, then you would not have been endowed with those attributes. Why would Yahweh give you an ability, and then say you are not to use it? If that had been the case, the inspired writings of His Holy Books - the Word, would not have come into existence. For I tell you, those mortal human writers were indeed psychic in order to receive communications from the Spirit Realm where the spirits exist. Please note how the Books of the Word were given:

2 Peter 1:20, 21 “First of all, you should know this: no prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own interpretation, because no prophecy ever came by the will of man; instead, moved by the Holy Spirit, men spoke from God.”

Being moved by Holy Spirit reveals that the mind had to be able to receive the incoming messages; that’s the mind of a psychic person.

Acts 7:51-53 “You stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are always resisting the Holy Spirit; as your forefathers did, so do you. Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? They even killed those who announced beforehand the coming of the Righteous One, whose betrayers and murderers you have now become. You received the law under the direction of angels and yet have not kept it.”

Yahweh’s divine inspiration is carried out by His faithful Deputies.

Hebrews 2:2-4 “For if the message spoken through angels was legally binding, and every transgression and disobedience received a just punishment, how will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? It was first spoken by the Lord and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him. At the same time, God also testified by signs and wonders, various miracles, and distributions [of gifts] from the Holy Spirit according to His will.”

Is our message to you legally binding? “How will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?” You have been given this message. When you complete it, you free will is your own choice.

Even Jesus Christ was accused of being on Satan’s side. Matthew 12:24 “When the Pharisees heard this, they said, “The man drives out demons only by Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons.”

Because Jesus had powers they could not understand, they correlated that he was on the opposing side of Yahweh. Christ is the Greatest Psychic that ever lived. Let’s back up two verses: Matthew 12:22-23 “Then a demon-possessed man who was blind and unable to speak was brought to Him. He healed him, so that the man could both speak and see. And all the crowds were astounded and said, “Perhaps this is the Son of David!” The crowd of people recognized that Jesus was from Yahweh, not from the Devil.

The Bible itself clearly reveals that two types of psychic people exist; the good, and the bad. In it’s most simplistic view, just as there are good and bad people it would make sense that there are good and bad psychics as well.

Bottom line, being psychic is a God given gift. It’s not the same thing as magic or sorcery or witchcraft. This being said, psychics are part of God’s creation and they are part of his plan. It’s up to the individual who possesses these psychic gifts as to how he or she wishes to use them - for good or for evil - using yet another God given gift of free will. People will always fear that which they do not understand and they will always make judgments without understanding the full truth, but to claim that psychics and the supernatural are taboo to Christianity is simply a broad statement and sheer ignorance made by people who do not understand or have misinterpreted the Word.

Misinterpretation #5 - Christ died on a stake, not a cross.

This is quite simply a lie. When a person passes over and accepts Truth is when they are permitted to cross over into Yahweh’s light. The cross is the symbol of more than just passing over from his death to life – it is a crossing over. The cross is like that of a plus sign (+). It also represents a cross road. Do you veer off to either side or do you go up to Yahweh? Where did Christ ultimately go because of obedience and death he manifested? He went up to His Father in heaven. But, how many make it to the middle of the cross and don’t go on up? They veer off, and so they never reach Yahweh even if they pass over because they will never cross over past the tee of the crosses divide. One must move up past that of being nailed and become a saint in Yahweh’s eyes – standing on our own merit.

The Word from Yahweh says to not despise prophecies, but to test all things and hold on to what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21). But, how do you come to an accurate knowledge to make sure of all things so that you can hold fast of what is fine? And what did the Word mean in regards to “prophecies” in those Scriptures?

Dictionary: prophecy >noun (pl. prophecies) 1. a prediction. 2. the faculty of practice of prophesying. – ORIGIN Greek proph teia, from proph t s ‘spokesman’.

It was prophesied that Jesus Christ would come forth into this world and die on a torture stake. Do you believe that occurred just like it was foretold ahead of time? If you do, then “hold on to” that, because it is indeed good. But, is there more to the torture stake than merely his having been nailed to it? Does it matter whether we believe the torture stake was a Cross, or was an upright stake? It should, because all things in the Word are representative of symbolic things that Yahweh wants us to be enlightened to in order to fully understand what He has revealed through His Word to mankind. In coming to an enlightened understanding, we are able to see how the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together as we insert them into Yahweh’s Divine Plan that is brought through His wisdom of divine revelation. How do we find that wisdom so we can test out what is and what isn't truthful?

2 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." This Scripture gives the foundation for seeking out and locating that wisdom and divine knowledge imparted by Father's Spirit.

Under divine inspiration from Father, the Word was delivered through the minds of the faithful writers assigned to convey Father's messages. "All Scripture is inspired by God" and is what? "and is profitable for teaching..." This is exactly what I am presently doing with all of you. It does not say part of the Word is profitable; it says all Scripture which makes up the Word as a whole is profitable for teaching. So, what does "profitable" mean?

Dictionary: "profit >noun 1 a financial gain, especially the difference between an initial outlay and the subsequent amount earned. 2 advantage; benefit. >verb (profited, profiting) benefit, especially financially. -DERIVATIVES profitless >adjective. -ORIGIN Latin profectus 'progress, profit', from proficere 'to advance'."

It means that the Word is a profit to those that progress in attaining an additional share of wisdom imparted by Father concerning His Divine Plan.

Those same Scriptures also impart "for rebuking..." And what does rebuking mean?

Dictionary: "rebuke >verb criticize or reprimand sharply. >noun a sharp criticism.
-ORIGIN Old French rebuker 'beat down'."

So, those that are wiser in Father's Divine Plan from what the Word teaches are to "reprimand sharply" those that would lead you astray. But why would any Shepherd want to lead anyone astray? It could be a number of reasons.

One being that they do not fully comprehend the Word's symbolic meanings, and in doing so create a false view of what the Word is revealing as a whole. Or, they know the accurate Truth, but are seeking to alter the Word's meaning so as to sew up a faith for their own followers.

But why would any Shepherd do that, knowing they are misconstruing the Word's meaning - telling lies?

The answer is GREED and POWER.

Satan set the pattern for such behavior long ago. He was greedy because he coveted what was not his  and he wanted to have power over what was not his. Satan knew the truth of Father, yet he lied in an effort to gain confederates, and to sew them to his faith of deception that he created.

Is there any difference in those humans that willingly lie to keep their misguided flocks? Knowing the Truth is not a defense to telling outright lies and deceiving people; Satan proved that point, and his human confederates prove that point by following in Satan's footsteps.

Next, the Word goes on to say "for correcting," What is correcting?

Dictionary: "correction >noun 1 the action or process of correcting. 2 a change that rectifies an error or inaccuracy. -DERIVATIVES correctional >adjective (chiefly N. Amer.)."

So, I'm going to correct the error on a point of inaccuracy by those that claim to be spokesmen for Father's Divine Plan as detailed within His Word given to all of us. It will be a "change that" should "rectify" their fostered "error of inaccuracy" concerning what they have asserted as being truth to their followers. By doing that, I will be doing my part in exposing the LIE, and in "training in righteousness," those of you that seek to be people of Yahweh and Christ "may be complete, "equipped for every good work." It is not my stewardship to teach/impart to anyone but Father's flock; but those that read this will either have their eyes opened, or they will continue to blindly follow the blind teachers; the choice is of course one of free will. Father does not force anyone to accept His Word, or to be a member of His holy family.

The Cross of Salvation is more than an impalement stake. In addition to it representing the Ransom: 1 Timothy 2:5, 6 "For there is one God and one mediator between God and man, a man, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself—a ransom for all, a testimony at the proper time".

He was Jesus Christ, and then became Christ Jesus, because he had paid the Ransom. There's a difference. As Jesus, he was tested as the promised Anointed One. As Christ Jesus, he had successfully fulfilled his anointment by willing laying his perfect life down for ALL OF MANKIND; not just those that had faith in him - but for all of us. However, his Sacrifice was only held as being judicial in ransoming the offspring of Adam and Eve, and those not destroyed in Judicial Judgments previously brought upon individuals of Mankind.

The Word is clear that there were some that were undeserving of the Cross of Salvation. Adam and Eve could not be ransomed anymore than Satan and his angels, because they had been previously perfect in Father's eyes. You cannot Ransom a perfect life for those that were once perfect. There is no judicial sacrifice for those that were close to Father, and then defied His authority. They had been enlighten to the Truth and Sovereignty of Yahweh, and for them, the fall was permanent. Those that serve as examples of Judicial punishment, like the ones that perished at the global flood, and some that were Judged - like Adam and Eve and Cain prior to the flood, or Sodom and Gomorrah, and those that were singled out by Father as godless people down through the historical accounts of the Word, they are out the EXIT of Father's memory when they die - meaning they will never live again - they died a literal death of both fleshly vessel and spiritual.

Psalms 146: 4 "When his breath leaves him, he returns to the ground; on that day his plans die."

That is Holman's version of the Word; but what of other translations? The TRUTH is still evident: The New International Version: "When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing."

How do we know this Scripture makes reference to those that are out the EXIT? Because his spirit departed, not to a passing over to the other realm, because - "their plans come to nothing." Outside the EXIT there is nothing, because outside of Yahweh is non existence. But what were their plans that came to nothing? Do you think it means the plans of their earthly life? Consider that any plan contrary to Father's Divine Plan is in opposition to His Will; so, even if it referred to an plan they sought on this side of the veil, it was in vain, because Father does not join other plans to His own.

Psalm 146:4 (New King James Version) "His spirit departs, he returns to his earth; In that very day his plans perish."

If that person were within Father's Divine Plan, he or she would not depart, but would pass over to the spirit realm; there, people lacking a full understanding of the TRUTH, who have not made plans that are contrary to Father's Will are given ample opportunity to join His family under counseling by His Holy Ghosts. But if the person is given opportunity and rejects the Truth, "And it shall be that every soul who will not hear that Prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people." This can occur before a death in the flesh, or even after passing over; it depends upon the amount of knowledge one possesses; with accurate knowledge comes responsibility: Acts 20:26, 27 "Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God."

The "whole counsel" in itself reveals there's more than meets the eye; you put yourself in a precarious position with Father while on this planet if you shun the complete Truth once you have learned it, and you fail to declare the Truth of the whole jigsaw puzzle that represents Father's counsel to Mankind. To do so, carries the penalty of the EXIT at your physical death. I'm not talking about criminals that do not know the Word - they have a punishment phase they go through, because the Cross of Salvation was meant for all of Mankind. I'm talking about those that intentionally mislead their flock to gain monetary benefit and power in the process while on this planet.

Psalm 6:5 "For in death there is no remembrance of You; In the grave who will give You thanks?"

They are simply sent into non existence in this reference. Out of Father's memory; the EXIT is the Lake of Fire that Satan and all of his confederates are soon to share. For them, it is a grave.

Dictionary: "grave1 >noun 1 a hole dug in the ground to receive a coffin or corpse. 2 (the grave) death. -PHRASES dig one's own grave do something foolish which causes one's downfall. turn in one's grave (of a dead person) be likely to have been angry or distressed about something had they been alive. -ORIGIN Old English."

"downfall." Satan's downfall leads to a grave of his own making. He dug his own pit of non redemption; Father created his pit of demise that leads to being stricken from His memory for reanimation after the final test has concluded. Before him and his angels get exited, there will be many that go outside Father's memory ahead of them.

Hebrews 10:26, 27 "For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries."

To have been under the Ransom Sacrifice, received the undeserved kindness, come to know the accurate truth, and then to act decidedly in committing sin after all just mentioned, there can be no further atonement for those that do so. So, where were they on the Cross of Salvation at the time they lost out on the hope of Salvation? They were at the cross-member of the Cross that held Christ's hands to the Cross. They go no farther than that; it was a cross road that led off to destruction; symbolically, their feet are still nailed to the sin that Christ bore through his body; but their hands were freed to make a choice; to live eternal, you are not to veer off the path that leads upward to Father. When Christ was resurrected, he went up; his impalement to the cross-member of the impalement torture stake was then no longer a hindrance to him. His feet were freed from the sin that had brought him on his mission; his arms never failed to form the "Y" while he was on the Cross of Salvation; that was for a purpose; it represented that Yahweh is the WAY out of sin - Upward to Father in His Wisdom and His kindness to save all those that can discern the Truth and abide within it.

So, if you doubt the validity of the torture stake having been an upright post with a transverse post attached, then you do not yet comprehend the meaning of the Cross in its symbolism in Father's enlightenment of the Word. All things coming from Father have symbolic meanings; whether it be water, fire, people, or even the Cross. To devaluate the Word by implying that Christ did not die as represented in the Word, is to devaluate the Sacrifice he made in Father's Great Name. In addition, the Cross was represented symbolically at: Numbers 32:5 "They said, "If we have found favor in your sight, let this land be given to your servants as a possession. Don't make us cross the Jordan."

Each time, whether it was a crossing into the old Promised Land of the Israelites, or that of crossing the Red Sea, it was to typify the coming of the Jesus Christ that would be centered in the CROSS of Salvation. In the center, he would be noted as what? The WAY to Father. You cannot CROSS into the future Promised Land with out hitting the center mark of the TRUTH - which is Christ Jesus. He is the Living Word, and all must go through him to reach Father - just as he formed the "Y" on the Cross of Salvation as a Sign that you must move up and beyond the cross-member to reach Him, he was giving a symbolic message with his hands being staked in that position. To say he was impaled any other way is to try and invalidate Father's Word in both accurate knowledge of the writings, and His symbolic message meant for enlightenment.

Psalms 119:63 "I am a companion of all who fear You, And of those who keep Your precepts."

Dictionary: precept >noun 1 a general rule regulating behavior or thought. 2 a writ or warrant. 3 Brit. an order issued by one local authority to another specifying the rate of tax to be charged on its behalf. -ORIGIN Latin praeceptum 'something advised'."